31 thoughts on “Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 1)

  1. SinneDnl84 says:

    I don't like the anti Russian tone from Vice. Also they don't seem to understand that the new ukrainian governement is put there with the help and support of the west (cia) with no good intentions..

  2. Quique says:

    The invasion of Crimea by Russia on the pretenses that they speak the same language or have the same culture is akin to the US invading the towns & cities in Canada which are near the Canadian/american border. Afterall it's all North America & that's sums up the logic behind this invasion.

  3. majik mesa says:

    I know a few Ukrainians (one is from Crimea) and they hate the "annexation" and Crimea becoming Russia but can someone explain why it is a good thing. I see a lot of arguments and I have not seen much reasonable pro Russian arguments.

  4. Mads Donwood says:

    While Russian right-wing extremists and Putin invade Ukraine by using dreadful and cowardly tactics, the Russian propaganda machine is operating in high gear. The now state-run media in Russia say we Russians is liberating Ukraine from the neo-Nazis. The "neo-Nazis" are just the Ukranian defense. In reality, the Ukrainians can not stand the Russians and disgust them.

    Opinion polls from universities in Kiev say that only 27.5% of the population in Donetsk want detachment and union with Russia. Other places in the east, the numbers were even lower.

  5. MLG Joe says:

    Why are they bitching about the demographic? If Crimean people considered themselves as Russians, why didn't they just immigrate to Russia on their own? Why do Western Ukraine people have to surrender their precious lands to Russia? Fucking RUS fascists please just go to work and get 1000$/month.

  6. Yuri Fyodorov says:

    This is all lies and you know it. Crimea was always part of Russia until Fascist Ukraine seized it illegaly in 1961. Now when Crimean people saw the NAZI Ukranian punitive battalions which murder all male populace it asked Russia for protection. And thankfully Russia stepped in and stopped a wholescale genocide of the native population and ethnic cleansing of Crimea. And the Crimeans voted to come back and unite with Russia and Russia obliged them. They voted by 90% and since then Crimean's standard of living and freedom improved by 90%, while that of Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens that chose Fascism fell by 90%! I think that speaks a lot about which is the better and the more just system! By Yuri Fyodorov

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